Restrictions on the Sale and Distribution of Tobacco Products to Minors in Clark County, Nevada

In Clark County, Nevada, it is illegal for anyone to sell or distribute tobacco products to minors under the age of 21. Customers must be served by an employee and cannot have direct access to the products. For the purpose of selling or serving alcohol, anyone under 21 years of age is considered a minor. It is also prohibited to leave alcohol somewhere knowing that a minor will pick it up. The Regional Highway Control Team (SET) is responsible for ensuring that alcohol is not sold to minors in Washoe County.

In Henderson, which is within Clark County, an 18-year-old may sell alcohol in sealed containers, provided they follow certain guidelines. No retailer may break or open any pack of cigarettes or smokeless tobacco to sell or distribute individual cigarettes or a quantity of unpackaged cigarettes that is less than the quantity in the minimum size of the pack of cigarettes defined in § 1140.16 (b), or any quantity of smoking tobacco or smokeless tobacco that is less than the smallest package distributed by the manufacturer for individual consumer use. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (METRO) is responsible for carrying out undercover operations in Clark County. Failure to comply with any applicable provision of this part in relation to the sale, distribution and use of smokeless cigarettes and tobacco causes the product to be mislabeled under the law. It is illegal in Nevada for anyone to give or sell alcohol to a minor. No manufacturer, distributor or retailer may sponsor or sponsor any sporting, musical, artistic or social or cultural event, nor any participation or team under any circumstances, in the name of the brand (alone or together with any other word), logo, symbol, motto, sales message, color or pattern of recognizable colors or any other identification indication of the product identical or similar or identifiable with those used for any brand of cigarettes or smokeless tobacco. Article 102 of the Tobacco Control Act requires the FDA to publish a final rule on cigarettes and smokeless tobacco identical in its provisions to the regulation issued by the FDA in 1996 (61 FR 44396, August 28, 1999), with certain specific exceptions. Monograph 19 analyzed studies and literature related to point-of-sale advertising, the use of promotional items in marketing, restrictions on the use of color in labeling and advertising, and the sponsorship of the tobacco industry, sporting and other events. In Clark and Washoe Counties, it is illegal to sell, serve, or give away alcohol outside the building where the license was approved.

It is also prohibited to give money (or anything of value) to a minor if they know that the minor will exchange it for alcohol. The laws regarding selling and distributing tobacco products to minors in Clark County are strict and must be followed by all retailers. It is illegal for anyone under 21 years old to purchase these products and retailers must ensure that they are not selling them directly to minors. Additionally, manufacturers and distributors are not allowed to sponsor events in which minors are present. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (METRO) is responsible for carrying out undercover operations in Clark County to ensure compliance with these laws.

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