Are Electronic Cigarettes Restricted in Clark County, Nevada?

On Friday morning, Clark County School District (CCSD) officials sent an email to parents, students, and staff members regarding “vague threats”. The CCSD Board of Education reviewed proposed policy changes on Thursday that would specifically prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) that generate vapor, or any other oral smoking device, in order to bypass the smoking ban. This announcement came last month due to competition concerns raised by a new CCSD awards program. The CCSD and local law enforcement agencies held a press conference this morning to discuss school safety. Although smoking cigarettes or consuming tobacco products is not allowed on CCSD campuses, the use of e-cigarettes is still permitted due to a loophole in the district's smoking policy.

However, authorities are now taking steps to close this loophole. The CCSD Board will consider an agreement on Thursday between the district and the Educational Support Employees Association. The proposed policy changes would restrict the use of e-cigarettes on all CCSD campuses. This would include any type of e-cigarette that generates vapor, or any other oral smoking device. The policy would also apply to any student or staff member who attempts to circumvent the smoking ban by using an e-cigarette or other oral smoking device. The proposed policy changes are part of a larger effort by the CCSD to ensure school safety and protect students from potential health risks associated with e-cigarette use.

The CCSD is also working with local law enforcement agencies to ensure that all threats are taken seriously and addressed promptly. The proposed policy changes will be discussed at the CCSD Board meeting on Thursday. If approved, the policy will go into effect immediately and will be enforced on all CCSD campuses. It is important for parents, students, and staff members to be aware of these proposed changes and to understand the potential consequences of violating the policy.

Guilherme González
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