What are the Penalties for Breaking Smoking Policies in Clark County, Nevada?

Clark County, Nevada has a strict policy when it comes to smoking in public places. According to NRS 370,165, a tax rate, fee and collection must be represented and collected in advance by placing a tax stamp or other approved proof of payment on every package, package, or container in which cigarettes are sold. Retailers must also include the amount of tax to the selling price and display a notice in a prominent place in the store stating that the tax is included in the sales price and is paid in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. Breaking these regulations can lead to serious penalties.

According to NRS § 202.2483, it is a misdemeanor crime to smoke in many indoor public spaces, including areas of casinos where gambling is not allowed. The no-smoking area must be a minimum of 30 feet away from the entrance or exit of any public building so that no person entering or leaving the building can smell smoke. Wholesalers who violate these policies may have their license suspended or revoked. The Department may also not include or maintain in the directory the name or brand families of any non-participating manufacturer that has not provided the required certification or whose certification the Department determines is not in compliance with NRS 370,600 to 370,705, inclusive, unless the Department has determined that the violation has been satisfactorily rectified. It is essential for all citizens of Clark County to be aware of these policies and understand the consequences for breaking them. By following these regulations, everyone can help ensure that public spaces remain safe and enjoyable for all. The penalties for violating smoking policies in Clark County, Nevada can be severe.

Those who are caught smoking in prohibited areas may face fines, license suspension or revocation, and even criminal charges. It is important for everyone to understand and abide by these regulations to ensure that public spaces remain safe and enjoyable for all.

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